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Safe Guardrailing with Waste & Water Treatment

Safe Guardrailing with Waste & Water Treatment

Water treatment facilities require corrosion resistant, durable, heavy duty solutions to withstand outdoor exposure and everyday use; Kee Safety offer high quality safety railing solutions that easily meet these requirements.

Constructed using KEE KLAMP tubular malleable iron, or KEE LITE aluminium fittings, our systems can both be used for internal and external applications. An additional optional powder coating can be arranged, or aluminium fittings and tube can be anodised to provide extra corrosion protection for the harshest of environments. They are quick, easy to design and install, and are very cost effective due to the modularity of their parts.


  • Simple way to create guardrail & handrail
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Galvanised steel or Aluminium options
  • No welding / no hot work permits
  • Quick installation / Cost effective
  • Adaptable to changes in design
  • Flexible systems allow on-site alterations

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Fabrication vs Fittings

If you have never considered using fittings to construct a barrier or guard rail, you will not be aware of the numerous advantages fittings have over fabricated alternatives.

Here you can learn more about the advantages of Fittings vs Fabrications.


Proof of work / Projects  

We have already worked on variuos projects to fit out waste water treatment plants safely with guardrailing.

Please visit one of the following projects:

Aluminium handrails installed at the SWCC sea desalination water plant in Jeddah

Aluminium Guardrail installation on Kalba Sewage Treatment Plant

Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company searched for non-conductive guardrail

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