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ProRail EX (External) Abseil Rail System

Lightweight, versatile and compliant abseil rail system compliant with BS8610:2017 and by proxy conforms to EN795:2012

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ProRail EX (External) Abseil Rail System

Lightweight and Compliant

ProRail is an aluminum extruded rail with a hard anodized coating used for abseiling rope access, fall-arrest and fall-restraint scenarios. While in use, the user is connected to the rail via an externally mounted traveling device made of marine grade 316 stainless steel. The traveling device is located onto the rail with 8 solid stainless steel rollers to provide a smooth travel in any orientation as well as excellent wear resistance ProRail fully conforms to BS8610:2017 and by proxy conforms to EN795:2012.
Prorail EX 03
Pro Rail ET Square R1


ProRail EX is a lightweight, versatile abseil rail system designed for overhead and horizontal use. It is designed for direct abseil use as well as fall restraint, fall arrest and deviated abseil use.


Supports spans of up to 3m


Supports up to 2 users per span


Suitable for Type A A1-A5 applications


Tested to an ultimate load of 21kN per pair of travelers to BS 8610:2017 Type A and by proxy conforms to EN795:2012

Why does ProRail EX Work So Well?

Fixings and positioning

The ProRail can be fixed to structural concrete or steelwork via steel bracketry either directly, or via cantilever arms. The ProRail requires a support bracket every 3m or less and can support a free-ended overhang of up to 500mm. Thanks to the unique wrap-around design the working lines can be placed in a 180° area around the rail.


The ProRail Rail features a mounting channel to accommodate a DIN 933 standard M16 bolt-head and DIN 125-1 form. A washer to fix to the rail. This mounting channel runs the entire length on the rail to allow bracketry to fix to any point in the system.


The ProRail traveller features 8 solid steel rollers to distribute the forces over multiple sintered bushings to allow the traveller to move freely even under working loads. This allows operatives to move along the building without needing to detach from the system.

Changing sections

The ProRail SafeLoc gate system at the end of each section ensures that the operative’s backup traveller is still held captive in the rail system while moving the main traveller to a new section. Optionally, the rail system can be fitted with an attachment point to allow the operative to tether himself and the traveller while he’s moving to a fixed point to give an extra level of safety.

Pro Rail ET Joiner Kit R2

Joiner Kit

  • ProRail EX features a two-part joining system. An internal tube to align the rail and an external plate to secure the joint. Joints are supplied as a pre-packaged kit with the components needed for each connection.
  • Joiner plate and all fixings are grade 304 stainless steel
  • Joints can be placed anywhere in a 3m span
Prorail EX Termination R1

Termination Points

  • ProRail EX uses stainless steel end stop pins to retain the travelers on the rail at the ends of each section. A double pin setup is also available for end sections.
IMG 9348


  • The Deviation Arm connects directly to ProRail EX and can extend the access point beyond obstacles and weak parapets.

ProRail EX Travelers

Pro Rail ET MH Traveler Square R1

ProRail EX Travelers feature a single piece stainless steel body to provide corrosion resistance. The wheels use long-life bushings to ensure they are maintenance free and smooth running.

Pro Rail ET MV Traveler 1 Square R1

Travelers are available for both vertical and horizonal applications

ProRail EX - Certifications & Standards

  • ProRail EX supports up to 2 users per span, and is tested to an ultimate load of 21kN per pair of travelers to BS 8610:2017 Type A, for A1-A5 applications and by proxy conforms to EN795:2012.
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Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is the maximum span between support brackets?
      The span between supports is typically 3m and our certified 3rd party independent test report demonstrates the system, with this configuration, will exceed the requirements of B8610 2019 (21kN). However, the actual span will be based on site conditions and will therefore differ from project to project. Often the structure design will dictate the best practice when setting out the support bracket spacing, as well as other factors from engineering requirements (loadings/permissible deflection etc.) as well as additional installation considerations. One of our engineers can advise based on case-by-case basis and we are happy to offer guidance as required – get in touch through
    • How many users can the system accommodate?
      The abseil rail can accommodate multiple users. However, one design limitation is that to remain compliant with the specifications, a maximum of 2 users are permitted to be attached to the rail between any single span. So maximum of 2 users per span and the span will differ according to the design, but typically it is 3mtrs.
    • How many trollies does one user require?
      Under the requirements of IRATA any user will require 2 trollies for connection to ensure they always have a primary and secondary line connection. Trollies are rated to 21kN which will allow for a second user to connect for rescue purposes.
    • How do you access the rail when installed on a building soffit?
      There are several ways to facilitate this but one way would be to install a davit arm system at the access point. This davit can then be used for the user to go over the leading edge and to then transition from the davit to the rail. Two points of connection will need to be maintained so a third connection lanyard will need to be utilised by the rope access technician to facilitate the transition.

DavitPro Arm Gallery

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