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Kee Guard® Guardrail for Metal Roofs

Roof edge fall protection guardrail solution for metal profile and standing seam roofs. Safety railing protection for roofs up to 45 degrees.

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Kee Guard® Guardrail for Metal Roofs

Safety Railing Metal Roof Fall Protection

Fully EN and OHSA compliant, Kee Guard guardrail for metal roofs is a rooftop guardrail fall protection system that is designed to attach to both standing seam and corrugated metal roofs. It is a durable safety railing solution. keeps your team safe by creating a safe perimeter for maintenance or inspection safety. Its safety rail special standing seam system means there’s no need for drilling, special anchoring, or penetration of the roof. In addition, fitting this safety railing system is a breeze considering there are no special tools, welding, bending, or threading needed. A rooftop guardrail system that is designed for a wide range of roof styles. Kee Guard offers a wide variety of safety guardrail solutions.
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Why do you need Kee Guard Guardrail for Metal Roofs?

Intelligent Safety Railing System

The specially designed galvanised base plate, with multiple fixing centers, allows Kee Guard Guardrail for Metal Roofs to be installed to a wide range of popular roof styles. As it’s an off-the-shelf product, specification is simpler, and it also removes the need to create different solutions for each site, minimising site visits and down time. It's a highly adaptable safety railing solution.

Fast Installation

Kee Guard Guardrail for Metal Roofs can be installed quickly using simple hex tools with no welding needed. The preassembled uprights and open cup fittings can easily accommodate ridges, valleys, corners, changes in level and self-closing gates using standard Kee Klamp fittings.

Durable and Long Lasting

All fittings are galvanised to EN ISO 1461 and equipped with case hardened steel setscrews.

Key features of Kee Guard Guardrail for Metal Roofs

Suitable for many roofs

Kee Guard Guardrail for Metal Roofs has been designed for a wide range of metal profile and standing seam roofs.

No welding needed

Made from tubular fittings and standard modules so it can be installed on site without any welding.

Exceeds safety standards

Conforms and often exceeds relevant international standards including EN and OSHA.

Long lasting

Available in aluminum or galvanised steel for long lasting protection, corrosion resistance and strength.

Highest standards for rooftop safety

  • Tested to EN 13374: Temporary Edge Protection Systems and been awarded a Class A Pass
  • Tested to EN ISO 14122 Part 3
  • Tested to NF E85-003
  • Tested to BS 13700: Permanent counterweighted guardrail systems – Specification and been awarded a pass
  • The Top Fix safety rail system is OSHA compliant and provides safe rooftop guardrail perimeter protection for access to rooftop equipment for maintenance or inspection
  • All systems have been tested to: OSHA Reg 29 CFR 1910.23 (E) (1); (E) (3) (IV); OSHA Reg 29 CFR 1926.501 (b) (1); (b) (2) (ii) and OSHA Reg 29 CFR 1926.502 (B) (1) - (B) (14)
  • All installations are wind speed calculated to BS 6399 : Part 2 : Code of Practice for Wind Loads
  • All installations are wind speed calculated to Eurocode 1: Actions on structures - Part 1-4 General actions - Wind loads
  • All installations are wind speed calculated to ASCE7 - The American Society of Civil Engineers design standard: “Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures”
  • Wind loading in accordance with AS/NZS 1170.2
  • Steel tubing to EN 10255 - 3.2mm 
  • All safety guardrail steel components galvanised to BS EN 10240
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KS GEN 6943 Medium

Certified at our advanced testing facility

Kee Safety runs one of the world’s leading test and training centers at its global headquarters. Run by a team of industry experts, this state-of-the-art facility ensures that Kee Safety products meet the needs of its customers. Kee Safety is committed to driving new innovation with the purpose of separating people from hazards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is KeeGuard required by law?
      Building owners and employers are responsible for protecting their workers from any hazard encountered while on the job. In jobs requiring access to roofs for maintenance purposes, fall protection is usually required if workers will be exposed to a fall hazard. Will installation of KeeGuard reduce insurance premiums? Insurance premiums are often impacted by steps taken by the building owner to reduce hazards to their workers. More importantly, building owners’ liability will be strictly examined if an industrial accident occurs and preventative measures (such as KeeGuard) were not taken.
    • Can the KeeGuard system be painted?
      KeeGuard components can be painted by the customer before or after installation. KeeGuard components are also available powder coated in any RAL color at the customer’s request (extra charges apply for powder coating). Powder coating takes place prior to shipment.
    • Can KeeGuard be used as an anchor?
      The KeeGuard system is not intended as an anchor and cannot be used as an anchor or tie off point to support any workers or equipment suspended off the roof.
    • Does the KeeGuard system comply with the current US and Canada safety regulations?
      The KeeGuard system has been tested to comply with and exceed US OSHA codes.
    • Does the KeeGuard system offer advantages over a horizontal life line system or harness system?
      Yes. KeeGuard Roof Edge Fall Protection Railing System is a passive, collective fall protection system that is preferred by safety consultants. Lives have been lost in work-related falls resulting from workers not using harnesses properly. The KeeGuard system removes the potential of that risk. Harness systems require training and proper and regular use. The embedded anchor for a harness system could later leak and cause costly water damage. The worry of not having enough harnesses for rooftop workers is eliminated.
    • Is KeeGuard more expensive than using a harness/tie-off system?
      When you consider the ongoing cost of training and system re-certification, the installed cost of KeeGuard is competitive with horizontal life line systems.
    • How do I buy the KeeGuard system?
      Each KeeGuard System is individually engineered for your premises. Contact us directly with the information on this website.

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KeeLine Horizontal Lifeline

Design and Installation

We offer full design and installation services that include a complete on-site survey. We also produce comprehensive CAD drawings to help you visualize the end result. With our detailed project outline, you can be confident that your project is professionally specified, and that all safety concerns and standards are addressed to your satisfaction.

Alternatively, you can spec and install Kee Guard yourself with our easy-to-follow instructions – it all starts with a call to our knowledgeable staff!

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Kee Guard Guardrail for Metal Roofs Applications

KeeGuard Roof Guardrail

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Rooftop Safety Whitepaper

Protecting Your Employees and Company Property

Falls from height are avoidable. Before any work is carried out on your roof, you must always carry out a through roof top risk assessment to identify the hazards and where workers are exposed to the greatest risk. 

Our Rooftop Safety Whitepaper explains what safety hazards could be on your roof and how to protect your workers from serious injury or a fatality, and how to protect your company from risk.

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